Sunday, 27 April 2014

How are the holidays going?

I received a great message from Arkshy and Srihith today- thanks guys.  They want to know how your holidays are going too.

Leave a comment telling us!


  1. all right as i only went to holiday programme but in the first weekend i went to see the lego movie!

  2. My hollidays were great because us and our friends family drove up to Mt Ruhapehu and Taupo. At taupo first we went to Huka falls
    and after that we went to Taupo debretts and there was a great big hydro slide that was called the dragon slide and i went on it three times that was my highlight of the trip.

    From Akshy

  3. my hoilday was fun my uncle he brought us some treats from aussie they were yummy they were sour i like sour lollies he is only staying for 5 days and i only see him once From Brileigh

  4. My favourite part of the holidays was when my mum my brother and I went to the Lego movie it was very popular it is one of my favourite movies I hope everyone had a great holiday.Maddie