Thursday, 29 May 2014

Here's some writing that the inspired kids in Room 2 
wrote about the visit from NZ author Philippa Werry last week.

Philippa Werry came to our school to talk all about the book "Anzac Day".  She told us about where the book was based and if it was true or not.   - MW

Philippa Werry went to Gallipoli 1 month ago to do some research for a book she was making about Anzac Day.  She was a volunteer at the same time for the Dawn Service.  When she got back she wrote her book and it's now in book stores.  -  HJ

Travelling sounds like fun, particularly when its a war zone!  Today, in the morning, Philippa Werry came to talk about her books.  2 of them (that I know of) were war books about Anzac Day.  She talked about her trip to Gallipoli.  We learnt lots of of them was that Gallipoli in called Gelibolu in Turkey.  It was a very exciting visit!    -  WA

Philippa went to Gallipoli after volunteering to help for the Dawn Service.  When she went there she had to wear long sleeve tops and long pants.  She had to wear those because they have got ticks and snakes.  They can be quite vicious.  If we go we'd have to sleep on the beach or on a chair. The other option would be a sleeping bag.      HK and NC

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