Sunday, 31 August 2014

A moment in time.....when we had a curiously strong mint

We discovered / experienced ......

A awesome  aroma ascending
B bumpy breath
C crunchy chunky circle clattering
D decreasing descending different delicious
E excellent extraordinary exploding extreme
F flat fat fresh flushed
G good great grinding grating
H hard
I increasing  intense
J juicy
K kicking
L longlasting lick light
M minty mouthwash
N nice
O odour  outlasting
P powerful peppery painful
Q quirky
R refreshing round  rattle red
S small  strong  succulent sustain sustainable stinky scrumptious surprising sense sweet sensitive spicy sticky
T thinner toothpaste textures
U unexpecting
V violent
W white
X xtra xtreme
Y yum yummy  yuck
Z zippy zingy
got it
waiting for the explosion
about to swallow it whole
laughing all the way

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